Kenn Raaf - Artist


Self-proclaimed disruptor - Artist, Sculptor, Activist, Visual-spatial manipulator - abstracting the extraordinary from life and movement.


As a visual artist I continually explore processes and methods incorporating multiple mediums to capture the essence, passion, and movement of my subject matter. Movement is the essence of life, even in the greatest moments of stillness – there is movement.  I believe that the only way to truly capture a moment is to capture its movement, to me, everything else is just a snapshot.


Working heavily in a constructive / desconstructive manner I build up multiple layers into each piece, then tear them down, scrape them away, burn them, and build them back up in order to abstract the unique imagery I feel captures that movement and essence of my subject.


I have been creating visual work on canvas, paper and panel using mixed media, acrylic, oil, encaustic, glass, metal, and found objects since the early 80’s. I began showing my work in 2012 when a friend, and fellow artist, challenged me to begin sharing my work with the public, since then, I’ve participated in numerous shows domestically and internationally.


I believe that my ability to create art is a gift, and gifts need to be shared - so I often create and donate my work to help raise money for various charities and causes that touch my soul.


Recent Events:

Dia de los Muertos – San Juan Capistrano Library – October/November 2107

Neutra Institute Museum – August 2017

Beyond the Lines Gallery - Perform October 2016

Human Rights Show - The Gallery Presents - August 2016

LAAA: Out There - June 2016

Boots on the Ground - May 2016

Laguna Beach Artwalk - Shela Olsen Fine Art - March 2016

Beyond the LinesAugust 2015

San Diego Art of Pride - July 2015

Art Project Los Angeles - APLA June 2015

HOPE4Kids Festival - April 2015

An Evening with Women - Show and Auction - LALGBT Center -  May 2015

Chaos Theory - Orange Country Center for Contemporary Art - Feb 2015

Art For Eyes Benefit Auction - Childhood Eye Cancer Trust - December 2014

2nd Street Cigar Lounge and Gallery September - November  2014

Los Angeles Art Association Benefit Auction July 2014

Chocolate and Art Show Los Angeles - July 2014

VisualAIDS - Postcards from the Edge - 2013

Art with and Agenda - AIDS Walk Marriage Equality - 2013

The Peace Project; 



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